Lifetime Rewards

Lifetime Rewards

Your exclusive offer from Lifetime Rewards

We are excited to announce that Your Personal Training have teamed up with Lifetime Rewards to bring you 5 star Defaqto income protection and rewards for being healthy and active.  
As you all maybe aware, it is very difficult for Personal Trainers to get good quality income protection cover. With the help of Lifetime Rewards, we can give you the reassurance that your income will be protected if you are off work through accident or illness. This includes back to work benefit, recovery benefit, medical support and more.
In addition to the excellent rewards attached , Lifetime Rewards are also exclusively offering a free fitness device, or to pay the initial £69 for the Apple Watch Series 2.

  • A fifth of people that claim incapacity benefits have been off work for more than five years
  • The state employment and support allowance may only per between £102.15 and £109.30 per week and your individual circumstances will affect how much you get
  • UK statistics who that you are 26 times more likely to be incapacitated and off work for more than six months, than to die before the age of 65
  • Around one in ten of all cancer cases are in people aged 25-49 years

To find out more, you can contact the Lifetime Rewards team on:

t: 0161 3938469
e: [email protected]
or visit
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