Active X Backs

Lower Back Pain is the world’s leading cause of disability, affecting 58% of the adult population every year. 

Those are your clients, AND your prospective clients.  You can help them, because…

The only proven preventative measures are exercise and education.

Access course

In this FREE Access Course you will learn

  • Why diagnoses are usually worthless, and how they often do more harm than good 
  • How to differentiate the types of lower back pain and sciatica based on function
  • The three ways of damaging the lower back
  • How pain works – and why it’s often confusing
  • Which exercises are best for the relief of the different types of pain
  • The rules of successful rehabilitation and prevention
  • Important exercises for the prevention of lower back pain and sciatica
  • The value of education and how AXB delivers it – The Cliff of PainTM

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Lower Back Pain and Sciatica Course - 10% off

This course and the Access course combined have been awarded 10 CPD Points by CIMSPA.

You will gain enormous insights and value from this course. This will benefit your clients AND your own ability to deal with pain and injuries.

Drawing on scientific research, it provides a lot more depth and detail than the free Access Course. It’s essential for you to learn the theory behind the Active X Backs approach, so that you have the right knowledge to support your clients. The course is grounded in the international clinical guidelines for the management of low back pain and sciatica.

You will need to demonstrate your understanding by completing short quizzes as you progress.

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