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CAWS creates content, courses and curricula specific to the current needs of fitness professionals.The CAWS philosophy is to take the core principles from elite sport, science and medicine, and apply them to the education needs of commercial fitness.

CAWS is a homophone for cause. CAWS was established through a sense of obligation to support the fitness and sports sector. Their role is to unlock access to world-class knowledge and education content. They believe that health, wellness, and fitness are the building blocks of a life worth living, and everyone — regardless of their personal circumstances — has the right to receive the absolute best levels of support and guidance when it comes to making positive lifestyle changes. 


CAWS Nutrition

In this episode brought to us exclusively by new education company CAWS we asked co-founders Education Director Dr Col Robertson and Managing Director Mel Spooner to address some of your clients' most frequently asked questions when it comes to nutrition. Here Dr Col address fact v. fiction when it comes to;

  • Vitamin-D and COVID-19 
  • Omegas and your immune system
  • Pre- and post-workout fuel strategies
  • BCAAs
  • Creatine 
  • Intermittent Fasting
  • Epigenetic Foods 

Plus, check out the downloads accompanying this session. 


Who is Dr Col Robertson?

Dr Col has been involved in human performance and sport science his entire professional career. He has worked in every aspect of Strength and Conditioning from rugby to wrestling to wheelchair basketball, and countless sports in between; at national and international levels of competition. He has prepared numerous global adventurers to undertake unimaginable challenges, from climbing Everest to rowing the Atlantic, "Dr Col" has become a go-to specialist.  Learn more about Dr Col by viewing the video below. 




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