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Keith at Your Success solutions has been providing support, training and coaching for over 10 years. With a background in high level Customer Service, Sales Success and Sales Management he has developed principles that ensure positive results, change, motivation and buy-in. View his recent webinars and documents here. Over the last 3 years Keith has been extending his core services from Customer Service and Sales Training into the benefits of understanding how motivations can impact and improve both the lives of individuals and the companies they work for as well as working on Personal Development through Life and Business Coaching.


Communication skills

Learn the importance of body language and how to communicate more effectively with this webinar below. You can also download the supporting documents below. 



Download the activity document below.
Communication Skills Part 1
Communication Skills Part 2


Keeping Yourself Motivated and Building Successful Habits 

Watch the webinar and view the supporting activity documents and learn how you can help keep yourself motivated and build successful habits



Download the activity document below.
Keeping Yourself Motivated & Building Successful Habits



Planning and tracking your success

Learn how to plan your time, set goals and track your success effectively in this webinar and supporting activity document 


Download the activity document below.
Planning and tracking your success


Setting Goals for Your and Your Clients 

Learn how to set goals for yourself and your clients in this webinar and supporting document. 




Additional Material Communicating over video calls The benefits

Learn the benefits of video calls.


Additional Material The importance of body language through a face mask

Learn how to effectively communicate while wearing a face mask through successful body language and eye contact .